Forum Rules and Guidelines

Forum Rules and Guidelines

Postby moxieent » Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:10 pm

Our Women’s RV forum is for members only and is “family oriented”. Registration is required to participate on our forum. It only takes only a few minutes, but a person reviews your registration and then sends you an email you must respond to in order to make your registration complete. This is done in an attempt to keep out the spammers. As we are all volunteers, registration can occasionally take up to 24 hours although is normally done in much less time.

We have only a few rules, but find these are necessary in order to keep this forum running smoothly. If you feel any of our rules are unacceptable, please stop here and don’t waste your or our time. If you don't have a desire to participate in the forum, stop here, and simply read the forum on the open net without becoming a member.

    You must be 18 or older to join and post on our forums.
    Joining Women RV means you have a desire to participate in our forum. It is a forum requirement that within one week of joining you post an introduction in the Introduce Yourself room.
    We reserve the right to remove any post at any time for any reason but hope that is not necessary!
    The use of profanity is not allowed. We do have a computerized program that will remove some words – and hope it doesn’t have to work too hard. If so, you will be notified.
    "Flaming" of other participants is strictly forbidden. Please be respectful of all other members in your posts. No, we won’t always agree, and that’s ok, just be nice in how you disagree.
    The forum is not liable for your actions or posts, however, at the same time we require everyone to be respectful, we also expect each and everyone of you to follow the laws. Be aware of copyrights and do not copy or paste images or stories without permission or the proper credit. If asked, you will be expected to be able to prove that anything you post is within your rights to do so or it will be removed. On stories, often it would be better to link to the story if you are unsure of what's needed to post it.
    Spamming, in any form or registering multiple names, is strictly forbidden and will be removed without notice.
    Advertising must be kept in proper rooms. This includes “for sale” items. Yes, both are allowed, but only in their proper designated rooms/areas.
    You may post about problems you have with a product or organization, however the use of our forum to repeatedly attack them is forbidden. Again, be respectful.
    Speak on any subject you desire, just, again, remember it is necessary to be respectful in how you word and post.
    When using the quote feature, you may NOT change the words of the quote. You do not have to quote the entire post, but you cannot change the words, even in jest, when using the quote feature.

These rules are meant for the good of all of us. If you have any problems with any of our forum rules, please don’t join us. For the rest, come on in and enjoy! For anyone who violates the rules, they can have their messages deleted or even become banned from our forums. While we don’t monitor private messages, etc, those, too have to follow the same rules, and if it comes to our attention that they are used for other purposes, the membership will be revoked. If a member name is banned, it may not be reinstated and if it is discovered the person re-registers with another name, that name also will be banned.

Other than enforcing the above rules, Women RV does not attempt to validate any comments or recommendations provided by participants. As such, the Women RV Forum is not responsible for any inaccuracies or mistakes that may result in personal injury or damage. And while we expect our members to monitor themselves in manners regarding copyright, Women RV Forum is not responsible for the postings of the membership and will cooperate with anyone who comes to us regarding copyright enfringements of their works.

The Terms & Conditions of use are expressly incorporated herein.
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