Beautiful Saturday

Let's start our day with a good morning here.

Beautiful Saturday

Postby Othersharon » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:41 am

Good morning! It is a very cool start to the day but sun is shining so it’s a good day! It was 37 when I was up wandering around at 5 this morning so I guess I should have said it was downright cold! Supposed to have a couple of more days like this and then it’ll be more “seasonable”!

It’s been a busy week with my oldest son having surgery on Wednesday and company started Thursday for me. I got a call Thursday morning from my nephew and his wife saying they were coming across 80 with their RV and would be in this area a bit later so wanted to stop for a visit. I haven’t seen him since he was in high school and he’s 53! I’ve kept up with him through my sister in law all these years but not seen him! So that was exciting. I did meet his wife a few years ago when she was in NYC for a business meeting and she came down for a few days to visit my SIL. I fixed lunch and then they were on there way to MA. Then yesterday morning some friends came by and I made them breakfast. Knew they were coming so was a bit more prepared! (Cooked bacon in the oven the day before). Then late yesterday my “third son” came and will be here until tomorrow. He had a business dinner last night so no cooking, is spending the day with his daughter and the twins at his uncle’s farm and then on to watching the PSU game with friends so probably won’t be back until late tonight. So we’re catching up in between! Then he’ll leave in the morning sometime tomorrow after coffee and more catching up! So crazy but fun too!

I’m going to get back in the yard today and work on cleaning up more of the leaves. Did get some in piles yesterday but need to bag them and then go dump them. I finally called the tree guy again to make sure I’m still on his list to get some of these limbs and branches taken care of and I’m supposed to be next on his list after the part comes in for his equipment that broke! So we’ll see how long it actually takes! It would sure be nice if they can get the big one hanging over the fence and garage before it loses all its leaves!

Beth, sounds like you have a nice situation for working. Irma, are you in your winter spot now? Think I remember you saying you were almost there. And Donna, you’ll be in your new place before you know it! Jim supposed to be here sometime this week to winterize Lola and I can finish up a couple of things, then cover her for the winter. Sue, sad, isn’t it, to realize travel season is over for us northerners? Now that my leg is doing better I can get back into my purging and cleaning out in the house when it’s cold and nasty outside! No excuses! Well, I didn’t mean to write a book today so I’d best get outside and get busy! Travel safe and enjoy the day.
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Re: Beautiful Saturday

Postby elkriverrats » Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:01 am

Good Morning Sharon and all who follow! A beautiful fall day here as well. Too nice to work, but sadly, I'm working - for the morning anyway. I'm taking my mom and nephew to a Halloween event at Dutch Wonderland in PA for the evening. He should love it when the sun goes down. Its a kiddie amusement park all done up for some tricks and treats. He just turned 7 so he is still at the perfect age for things like this.
Work is busier than I have ever seen in my time there. I have traveled most weekends from Sept til last weekend. Didn't realize how tired I was haha. I have Maryland Becoming and Outdoors Woman next weekend and am really looking forward to that - this will be my second year attending. I also did the Delaware BOW a few weeks ago and that was great! Not only was it much closer to home, they let you choose to bring a camper or tent! So I was not as outdoors as some of the others...
The downside to all the weekend fun is the house is a mess and the fall chores are not doing themselves. Hubby has been travelling for work since early Sept and when I said I felt guilty not getting "life" things done he told me to forget about it! Love that guy :)
Sharon, lots going on with you! I'm behind on reading morning coffee posts so I hope all is well with all the forum gals. Beth I did read about your new job - sounds wonderful!
Enjoy the day and safe travels to all!
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Re: Beautiful Saturday

Postby Bethers » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:51 pm

Good Morning Sharon, Kelly and all who follow.

My cruiser is on the way! The guy doing work on her for me called a few minutes ago to say he's turned her over and they are on the road. I had him take her in and get the radiator flushed, oil changed, etc, this morning, so with all else done, they shouldn't have any troubles with her. But my bank account is dwindling!

And, for the 2nd time since he's had her, he was asked how much he'd sell her for. He just told me I might want to put both rv's for sale and see which one I get the best deal on first. Hmmm, I'm thinking :)

Beautiful here today... Mid 80's for a high, but the next 5-7 days will be back in the 90's. Then maybe the cool down might really happen. I'm happy the 90's will be my work week. And I'm glad I have hookups right now!
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Re: Beautiful Saturday

Postby BarbaraRose » Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:23 pm

Got up and ran some errands this morning. Came home and realized today is our community garage sale day from 9-1 and it was already 12:30 by then. Walked around and checked out a few sales and then hit on that was an estate sale. Found quite a few things for my new place there. Nothing too big but a few smaller things I need/want like a nice vacuum cleaner and some lamps, a really nice stereo system (I don't even own a radio right now), and a small wood burning stove-looking space heater. I passed on some larger things just because I don't have the space to store them right now.

Otherwise, just reading and taking it easy this evening. It was a beautiful day in the upper 70's but heading to the mid to upper 90's later in the week.

Have a good evening! :D
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