Sweet potato salad

Sweet potato salad

Postby retiredhappy » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:00 am

At one of our get-togethers someone made a simple sweet potato salad similar to a potato salad. I can't remember the ingredients. Does anyone know them?
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Re: Sweet potato salad

Postby MandysMom » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:29 pm

Haven't been to a GTG but in past I have made a Aloha Macadamia Sweet Potato salad my family loved. Macadamias are pricey but it was worth it. Cubed sweet potato- be careful not to over cook. Chopped cooked bacon. Pineapple chunks. Macadamias. Dressing was mayonnaise and Dijon mustard and I think sugar, not sure. Bet recipe is on Pinterest. I dont do it anymore because it's high carb but it was really good.
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